Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday is another day.

Hi there everyone.

As there has only actually been one visitor to this blog since my last post, why should I bother trekking to the library and wasting my time writing it?

I've just thought of something... If nobody is reading it, why bother complaining, because nobody is reading it anyway.

I am going to continue writing it, just for ME.

Oh this is so lame, even I can't be bothered to read it.

Until next time,

Friday, May 13, 2005

Yet another post.

Hi fans, it's me again.

Just keeping you up to date with my life. Yesterday was a really good day. The weather was sunny and everyone in the house seemed to be in a really good mood. If you didn't know, I live in a house with the eleven other people who are studying on the same course as me. The whole day was one of those really chilled out summer days.

The topic at college this whole week has been 'Relationships', so yesterday we split into two groups. The girls talked about girl things, and the boys talked about boyly[?] things. It was quite nice to be really open with the other guys.

"What are boyly things?" I hear you cry. Loneliness, singleness, where we find our identity, relationships with girls, that sort of thing!

today's session was even more helpful. We split into boys and girls again, and then wrote down questions we wanted to ask the other sex. Then we all joined back together, and discussed the 'issues' which had arisen.

The girls asked us stuff like 'What do you consider flirting to be?', 'What do you look for in a wife?' and 'What are your needs?'

The boys asked stuff like 'How can we display brotherly love to you guys?', 'What do you find offensive in us? eg. burping' and other deep questions like that!

Well times run out again, so I'd better get cracking.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why not post a Birthday comment?


Does that count as a post? - No? Well I'd better write something else.

There are so many different things happening in my life at the moment, that I haven't got time to write them down. I would like to use this really as an online personal journal, but at the moment I feel a bit odd opening up my heart to potentially millions upon millions of readers, after all, I want to keep some of me for me!

As I mentioned in my last post it was my Birthday last Thursday. The whole day was a real blessing. It was my first Birthday away from home, but I didn't feel any less loved. From a decorated house, to a lunch out via lots of presents and kind words, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I'm not sure if I feel any different now I'm 25, but I do know that life is whizzing by.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I forgot to write a title, so here it is!

I'm back again, writing another post from my local library in Mancester.

Unfortunately I don't really have anything to say. Well I probably do, but I can't really be bothered. At least I'm making an effort.

Ok, yesterday was my 25th birthday, 05.05.05 - cool!

I've run out of time again, write more soon!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My first Manchester post.

My second day back up in Manchester, and I've posted already. I hope you are proud of me. If you are, pride is a sin, so rebuke it.

I had to endure a five and a half hour train ride yesterday from Brighton to Manchester, but it was surprisingly bearable. The only down side was during the latter stages of the trip, all the toilets displayed an 'Out of use' sign, so I had to sit with my legs crossed for a while.

It is really great being back in Manchester although I thoroughly enjoyed myself while back 'home'.

I would like to write a lot more, but I've only got four more minutes left on the library computer until I get charged 50p... and that ain't going to happen!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Absolutely incredible.

I must be the worst blogger in existence. Over three months without a single post. You must have all thought I'd died!

So much has changed since the last post, that I don't really know where to start.

Remember the Christian evangelism school I was accepted onto? Well I've just completed my ninth week, and am now on half term holidays!

I know I can't really be trusted on this, but I am going to make every effort to post something here at least three times a week. Since moving to Manchester, I have only had access to the internet at my local library which has to be booked in advance. Imagine... me thinking ahead... I don't think so!